Receipts' smart document recognition automatically reads out amounts and other data

Recently published Mac application Receipts supports document entry for those, who have to record a variety of incoming invoices, whether for business or private reasons, such as tax declaration or expense reports.

Receipts recognizes invoice amount, receipt date, declared sales tax, currency, and bank account details automatically and allows the busy user to speed up his incoming receipts management. Receipts’ smart data recognition identifies once recorded providers automatically, and thus is able to capture recurring documents correctly and assign to the right category.

Apart from bar graphs and pie charts in the dashboard giving a quick glance at expenditures by periods, providers and categories, export function enables one to analyze recorded data individually.

All record and the database are only saved locally on user's drive. This distinguishes Receipts from the cloud-based services.

Receipts requires macOS 10.10 or later. The trial version is limited to 50 records can be explored for free. Full version for an unlimited number of rercords can be purchased for just EUR 39.00 net.